Launch your Easy-Fi guest network

Get your guest network up and running easily with our plug and play Easy-Fi, or access one of our simple self-install guides to utilize your own hardware

We’ve made creating the perfect guest WiFi experience easy

Grow your marketing database with new guest data easily. Monetize your guest network with a branded login and provide a unique experience your guests won’t forget

Guest insights that paint a picture

The more you know about your guests, the more precise you can be with your marketing. Progressive guest profiling provides critical insights on how your guests interact with your venue

Control the guest experience

Set specific guest network hours of operation, permissions and more

Build loyalty by converting guests

Easy-Fi’s contact manager features an easy to use drag and drop email builder. Automate your campaigns based on guest behavior


Syncing to your favorite tools made Easy

Keep your data connected to third-party marketing automation tools you already use. Zapier, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Robly, Fishbowl and more

We're U.S. based

As a U.S based company we understand how important it is to drive value from every dollar spent. Our #1 goal is to help you increase guest loyalty and build value through advanced marketing automation and analytics

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Easy-Fi made Easy

Easy-Fi will send you a free access point that seamlessly plugs into your existing router, creating a guest network for up to 100 guests and over a 400-foot range

Have Hardware?

Easy-Fi’s cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with many leading WiFi hardware products. Our Easy-Fi self-install guides will have you up and running in-minutes

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

If Customer has registered for a trial use of the Service, Customer may access the Service for a time period determined by GoZone. The Service is provided ‘AS IS’, with no warranty during this time period. All Customer and Guest Data will be deleted after the trial period, unless Customer converts its account to a paid Service.