Text Message Marketing for Restaurants Shows a 98% Open Rate

Although restaurants get fantastic results from advertising their succulent foods on television, studies show that SMS marketing for restaurants should not be overlooked. Not only does text message marketing for restaurants cost much less, but it also prompts heightened responsiveness from customers while adding several other benefits. A brief overview of how restaurants can utilize such a campaign shows why it should be in every eatery’s arsenal.

Convenience for hospitality business owners 

Hospitality businesses need to get the word out about their events, offerings, and deals. However, the busy nature of their businesses doesn’t lend itself to drawn-out ad brainstorming sessions. Fortunately, using a professional service for SMS marketing for restaurants facilitates fast communication that is easier to manage than emails. Moreover, a simple text message can be crafted in-house instead of requiring content development and several edits.

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants Fosters Real-Time Communication 

Whether a restaurant is offering a great deal, has last-minute changes to the menu, or wants to remind their patrons to come in for the big game, when you use it right text messaging exceeds all other mediums for real-time communication.

Text messages go directly to someone’s phone, and they do not require an app to be received. Thus, texts bypass the issues that make email a less effective and slower means of communication, resulting in customers receiving the deals and information they desire almost instantly.

Also, the information a restaurant sends is easily retrieved by a customer when they’re thinking of the business. If they have a coupon, it’s in their message history. Should a customer want to look at new menu options, they simply open their texts. Fast, direct text messages facilitate sales and information sharing.

SMS Prioritizes Your Information 

Do you want your businesses advertisements to sit in an email spam folder or would you prefer they are read immediately and result in customers coming to your establishment? That question is neither a trick nor an exaggeration.

Studies show that texts are practically guaranteed to reach their target once they’re sent. About 98% of all texts are opened, compared with only 20% of emails. When a restaurant wants to inform their customers or get their attention, SMS marketing for restaurants is the way to go.

What Does Restaurant Marketing Include?

Text message marketing is not merely a tool to send words to customers. It can be designed to include MMS with pictures, send messages at certain intervals so you can schedule messages for holidays and regular occurrences, and target specific subsets of people in your database.

In particular, restaurants can use SMS campaigns to:

  • Send limited-time offers
  • Send out coupons directly to customers
  • Advertise new products and menu changes
  • Educate customers about events
  • Provide informal polls to improve their business and improve the establishment.There are many ways to implement a text marketing system in a restaurant. Easy-Fi’s SMS marketing service, powered by the popular Twilio platform, can provide the infrastructure your restaurant needs to start and manage a successful ad strategy.Work with professionals to generate unique advertisements and outcomes for your restaurants. With Easy-FI, WiFi guests can provide their phone numbers in a simple and effective way while accessing the guest WiFi you give away for free. Easy-Fi has tools to not only grow your SMS list but to also help you create fast and efficient SMS campaigns.
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