Promoting Guest WiFi Use in Your Venue

Guest WiFi access is ubiquitous in most areas where people congregate today. But since WiFi signals are invisible, those who want to promote the use of guest WiFi need to find creative solutions to make their WiFi access tangible and visible. We’ve gathered a few reasons and tips for promoting your guest WiFi.

Why Promote Guest WiFi?

During the covid-19 pandemic, data use habits have changed drastically. Increased use of streaming services, online shopping and web conferencing has driven awareness of data caps and throttling limits on mobile plans. This awareness is an opportunity for brick-and-mortar venues to promote their guest WiFi network and inform customers or visitors that WiFi is available for use. The availability of free WiFi makes for happy customers by saving them precious mobile data, and provides peace of mind knowing they are connecting to a venue’s ‘official’ network.

If your venue utilizes a WiFi marketing or analytics system, then you’re already benefiting from guest WiFi use. By leveraging the WiFi network with marketing and analytics tools, physical spaces that offer WiFi access can easily communicate with guests through captive portals, remarket or cross-promote by collecting guest contact data, and offer surveys to gather thoughtful responses from guests to improve business operations. In addition, the analytical information that these systems offer allow the venue to visualize demographics, traffic patterns, dwell times and other valuable data like return visitor percentages which can help a venue make more informed decisions about their space.

To really drive WiFi usage, consider offering incentives for those who connect to your WiFi network. Digital coupons for first-time WiFi guests are a great start for encouraging guests to access your WiFi. Once you’ve gotten the ball rolling on how to reward your guests for using your WiFi, here are some methods to promote the guest WiFi network at your venue.

Guest WiFi for Indoor Spaces

There are many ways to let guests in an indoor space know that guest WiFi is available for use. Be sure to always print the WiFi network name so your guests know which network is yours. Get creative!

  • Wall signage – Make signs and post them around to let guests and visitors know you offer guest WiFi, especially in the restrooms.
  • Floor signage – If you have a high traffic area with the ability to place a floor sticker sign, then this is a great way to promote your guest WiFi network. People are on looking down at their phones as they walk, something on the floor in front of them will grab their attention. One major U.S. retail store saw a 15% increase in guest WiFi use after they placed floor signs.
  • Receipts – Print the WiFi network name on receipts, tickets or other printed item that you might hand to guests.
  • Hotel keys – Hotels can put the WiFi network name on the plastic door card keys.
  • Banners – If you have a banner promoting a grand opening or another event, include the WiFi network name on the banner for people to see. Guests might even stream the event through social media and be viewed by their social networking friends, which promotes your venue.
  • Menus – Restaurants can print the network name on their menus. If the WiFi marketing platform also offers a Touchless menu option, this is a great way to promote that as well which saves on printing costs.
  • Badges, shirts or uniforms – If your staff wears venue-branded clothing articles then why not add the WiFi network name to an available space on it?
  • Carts and trays –Push carts or portable tables can be a great way to promote guest WiFi and other messages about your venue.
  • Digital displays – If you have digital displays or TVs, you could promote your WiFi network on the digital banners, or print stickers and place them on the frame of the display.

Guest WiFi for Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor spaces might be slightly more challenged to promote guest WiFi. Guests are constantly moving around, and may not be mindful of the potential use of guest WiFi. Despite that potential hurdle, here are some solutions for effective promotion of an outdoor WiFi network.

  • Signage – Just like indoor spaces, posted signs offer the best way to promote available WiFi in the area. If your space has restrooms, use that as an opportunity to promote the WiFi network.
  • Flags – There are all types of feather flags available online that you can place around the space to promote your WiFi network.
  • Paint a wall – If there is a structure, perhaps offer a local artist to paint it and include your WiFi network name somewhere.
  • Information boards – If people are looking at information about your space, place your network name on it and offer a link or QR code so they can get more information.
  • Flyers or postcards – If you are passing out flyers or promoting your space or an event, include the network name so visitors know WiFi is available to them.
  • Shirts and Jackets – If you have T-shirts or other clothing worn by your staff or available to visitors, add the WiFi network name somewhere on it.

Easy-Fi helps to not only promote guest WiFi use, but also engage with your WiFi audience and encourage guests to keep coming back to your venue. Easy-Fi is ready to help you make the most of your guest WiFi.

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