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Save money and unlocked an unparalleled Guest WiFi experience with our all-inclusive business plan.

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Easy-Fi leverages cost-effective pricing options to ensure you’re saving money, including advertising enabled landing pages to guarantee minimized expenses.

Discover an unparalleled feature set for a fraction of the cost of competitors.

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Touchless Menu Features
Advanced Captive Portal
Guest Wifi Access
Separate Staff WiFi Network
Guest Data Collection
Guest Analytics
Automated Marketing
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Auto Sync to External Mail Systems
Coupon Maker
Contact Manager/CRM
1000 Contacts Included
250 SMS Included
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Frequently Asked Questions

No. Our team takes care of the pre-configuration of your device and prepares all marketing assets in advance. This includes creating a custom-branded log-in portal, setting up marketing emails, configuring analytics reporting, and addressing specific preferences such as hours of operation and user moderation.

This ensures that businesses can enjoy a seamless plug-and-play experience without the need for any extensive setup on their end.


Once the trial period has ended, you will be automatically enrolled into Easy-Fi Business. You can cancel at any time during the trial without any penalty or cancellation fee.


No, your Easy-Fi Business subscription is billed annually. Providing businesses with a cost-effective WiFi solution without contracts or hidden fees.

We aren’t interested in hiding revenue-driving features behind expensive tiered pricing. Our mission is to make Guest WiFi easy, and we believe that includes transparent pricing plans crafted to provide your business with the tools you need to effectively connect with your customers.

Any guest data collected and stored within the Easy-Fi database is owned by you. Easy-Fi will not utilize this data other than to facilitate features within the Easy-Fi platform.

Easy-Fi utilizes an all-inclusive, low cost subscription model to provide businesses with a streamlined Guest WiFi experience that doesn’t break the bank. We believe that there’s value in providing businesses with an exceptional service at an exceptional price.

Alongside Easy-Fi’s curated selection of features of revenue driving features, confirmation pages also include third party banner ads, directly providing your business with savings where it matters the most.

Yes. Easy-Fi provides options to ship new equipment that effortlessly connects to your existing network to your business, alternatively, the ability to manually set up Easy-Fi on a specific access point you already own, regardless, our team will be there every step of the way to ensure the process is as easy as possible.

Find our full list of compatability list here.

After signing up for Easy-Fi, users will be asked if they would like to opt-into SMS messaging capabilities via email. Alternatively, users can contact an Easy-Fi representative to enable services.

Easy-Fi is a Smart WiFi Solution provided by GoZone WiFi, a WiFi solutions company based in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Easy-Fi was designed by GoZone WiFi to provide small businesses with cost-effective marketing, analytics and revenue generating WiFi tools for a fraction of the cost of competitors.

You can learn more about GoZone here.

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

By Signing Up You Agree

  1. You hereby verify you are a real business.
  2. Easy-Fi will validate that you are a real business and retain the right to cancel or request detailed information to further verify that you qualify for the free trial.
  3. Hub form-factor may vary due to recent global supply chain shortages but setup and function will be the same.
  4. Equipment must be returned if the trial is cancelled or you will be charged a $200 hardware fee.
  5. You agree to a recurring plan and have the right to cancel the plan without accruing additional charges before the free trial is over.
  6. You have the right to downgrade the plan before the trial is over and the cost of the plan will be adjusted accordingly.
  7. By signing up, you agree and consent to the Messaging Policy. The number of SMS messages included is 250. If the amount of SMS messages sent exceeds 250, you will be billed for overages based on the rate of .0499 per message exceeding 250.

If Customer has registered for a trial use of the Service, Customer may access the Service for a time period determined by Easy-Fi. The Service is provided ‘AS IS’, with no warranty during this time period. All Customer and Guest Data will be deleted after the trial period, unless Customer converts its account to a paid Service.