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Choosing to implement guest WiFi in your business will change how it operates. With this, you have a unique opportunity to create a captive portal in your business that can, in turn, drive revenue. Below we will touch on what exactly a captive portal is and how you can leverage our captive portal features to get more valuable data from your clients and deliver real ROI.

What is a Captive Portal?

Before we start, we need to know: what is a captive portal? The basic concept is that when a customer joins your WiFi, they will be taken to a login page that asks them for some form of data to confirm that a real person is logging into your network.

They might log in using an email address or a specific social media account. Either way, your business receives an added value. You’ll learn data like:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Social media of choice
  • Email address
  • Visit length
  • The items people view when they log on to your internet and then your webpage

All this valuable data can be utilized to help you develop excellent marketing outcomes in your business. Using Easy-Fi’s systems, you can add numerous captive portal features that will give you the greatest number of benefits. Consider adding each of these features to your new captive portal system.

Survey and Form Builder

If you’ve ever wanted to get direct feedback about specific ideas in your business setting, then the survey and form builder is for you. You can create a survey that triggers when someone logs into your WiFi, asking them to provide a brief answer about a new product or provide a review about their experience.

It’s a good idea to make sure you add a consent option on the screen when conducting these surveys through email. A consent agreement informs you who agrees to receive your content and who is not willing to that time.

Guest Flow

Before customers log into your WiFi system, they are greeted by a login page. You can customize that page to have anything from logos to new promotions in your business. The hard part is getting the information on the page without slowing down the time it takes to access your WiFi.

Guest Flow showcases branded content in an easy-to-navigate format for WiFi guests, rather than attempting to clutter a single splash page with multiple competing messages. Using Guest Flow, you can enhance the WiFi login experience for guests by displaying branded content, including interactive graphics, text, video, and even surveys and forms.

Payments and Vouchers

Businesses that have customers that can stay on their internet for a long time, such as in a hotel, will inevitably run into people that want access to faster WiFi. You can provide that for them at a cost. You can create a payment or voucher tool to sell your customers access to timed sessions on higher-speed WiFi.

Your business can set various speeds and session times available for purchase. Vouchers work by creating an option where guests access the different WiFi speeds and timed sessions you offer by inputting a 6-digit code into the captive portal.

WiFi Scheduler

You do not have to offer your customers access to WiFi every day of the week. Instead, you can set up a WiFi scheduler to set certain days and times when your WiFi signal is broadcasting. Perhaps your business is not open all week long, or you do not want to broadcast the signal when your business hours have ended. Using a WiFi scheduler can help in this endeavor.

Access Codes

Many businesses have come to realize that it’s safer for them to limit access to their WiFi systems. As a result, you can create access codes for your customers to use only when they have patronized your business directly.

This element of a captive portal is highly useful in hotels, convention centers, and any other place that has a lot of people that come and go without buying anything.

Session Profiles

If you have too many clients coming into your business and using up all the bandwidth, then you can use a login and timeout feature. That way, a person creates a session profile by logging into your WiFi but has their bandwidth throttled and timed, so they can’t use more than their fair share.

Presence Data

Do you want to know how many people come into your store and which hours are your busiest? You could use presence data by geofencing your brick-and-mortar store and using the data collected to reveal customer counts, how long they stay online, and more.

Are you interested in adding these smart features to your captive portal-powered WiFi network? Here at Easy-Fi, our platform comes fully equipped with all of the features listed above so your captive portal is fully decked out to run at the most optimized level possible.

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