3 Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant’s Delivery Services

Two boxes with fast food being carried by delivery man in uniform for one of clients

Marketing your restaurant’s delivery services is not always simple, but it’s the key to increasing your business’s sales. More people are ordering out for meals these days than ever before because of COVID’s impact on in-house dining, and that behavior is not likely to go away.

Whether you recently started offering delivery services or you have partnered with a third-party delivery service, you should consider each of these three strategies for informing your customer base.

Make an Announcement on Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about new offerings at your restaurant. You can create an informational post for all the social media platforms you use and make it sharable by others.

Some social media platforms even allow restaurants to accept orders directly through their online profiles. At the very least, you could include the data needed to order from your restaurant on the social media page, streamlining the order process.

Implement an Email Retargeting Campaign

Restaurants that have already garnered email addresses from their customers can launch an email retargeting campaign. Such an effort will gain the customers’ attention and inform them about the new delivery services.

Email retargeting is a specific, directed tool that makes use of subscribers’ data to get them to act in a specific way. For example, you may use cookies and other trackable information from your customers to see when they have clicked on and then clicked away from your website.

After the customer leaves your site without making a purchase, your website can be configured to react by sending an email to the customer. If you want to inform your customers that you’re now offering delivery in an effort to capture their sale, the message could be something like:

“Don’t feel like dressing up for dinner tonight? How about we send it to you? We now offer delivery for all your favorite dishes!”

Something that simple and direct can be the difference between another person that gets something else for dinner and a converted delivery sale.

Utilize WiFi Advertising and Marketing

Lastly, your restaurant may use WiFi advertising and marketing to inform customers about their dining options. When customers come to your restaurant, the chances are they will spend at least a few minutes on their phone checking messages, posting on social media, and the like.

By implementing an Easy-Fi captive portal primed with advertising and marketing elements, your restaurant can gain access to a wealth of customer data while offering them valuable information in return.

For example, when a customer signs logs into your WiFi system, they will be taken to a homepage where they will see your advertisement for delivery services before accessing anything else. That way, the next time they want to have some of your restaurant’s delicious fare, they will know to simply order it for delivery.


Properly marketing your restaurant’s delivery services will help you capture part of the growing market of customers that want to eat from their favorite places without worrying about safety protocols or adhering to a dress code.

Working with Easy-Fi to implement its powerful guest WiFi platform in your restaurant can give you the tools you need to reach out to customers at home through email or engage them while they’re seated in your restaurant. Easy-Fi is easy to deploy in your restaurant setting; you’re just a short form away from increasing your revenue from delivery services.

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