Guest WiFi made simple: Grow loyalty from our simple turn-key solution

Easy-Fi gives you the power to gather customer data through guest WiFi, so you can build lasting customer relationships


Plug in your Easy-Fi

Connect Easy-Fi to your existing router

Power On

Give Easy-Fi a few minutes to come online


You can now test your new guest WiFi network

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Guest WiFi network control at your fingertips

Guests connect seamlessly without a password. Easy-Fi allows you to customize the experience based on your brand

You choose how your guests connect

Grow loyalty through data collection

Secure your network from non-guests

Guest WiFi without the hassles

Drive revenue opportunities from guests who use your WiFi and gain deep customer insight with access to behavioral trends and traffic patterns

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Comprehensive insight tools that help drive guest engagement

Delight guests with personalized trigger based emails

Create custom guest surveys to drive satisfaction

Understand the who, why and when

Easy-Fi works helps you understand the people who frequent your business. Collect data from guests who connect to your WiFi network. Understand traffic patterns and get a better understanding on the flow of your location traffic

Export marketing lists easily

The Easy-Fi dashboard provides real time data on the go

Guest Wifi profiles provide valuable understanding of demographics, behavior and loyalty

We make guest engagement Easy-Fi

Engage with guests at the right times with customized triggered marketing automation campaigns based on behaviors or smart filters

Track results right from the Easy-Fi dashboard

Smart Tag system allows you to target what you want and not what you don't

Design branded emails directly from Easy-Fi's drag and drop builder

Easy-Fi made Easy

Easy-Fi will send you a free access point that seamlessly plugs into your existing router, creating a guest network for up to 100 guests and over a 400-foot range

Have Hardware?

Easy-Fi’s cloud-based platform seamlessly integrates with many leading WiFi hardware products. Our Easy-Fi self-install guides will have you up and running in minutes

Syncing to your favorite tools made Easy

Keep your data connected to third-party marketing automation tools you already use. Zapier, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Robly, Fishbowl and more

Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

If Customer has registered for a trial use of the Service, Customer may access the Service for a time period determined by GoZone. The Service is provided ‘AS IS’, with no warranty during this time period. All Customer and Guest Data will be deleted after the trial period, unless Customer converts its account to a paid Service.